Yoga for craftspeople

I’ve been making yarn with a spinning wheel for 13 years. My new love is weaving. A perfect evening for me is sitting with my crochet, my knitting, or a book. Notice a pattern in all this crafting? I’m sitting down, neck overextended, back curved, abdomen compressed, for long periods of time. Crafting is good for the soul, but not so good for the body.

Recently I taught yoga at the MidAtlantic Fiber Association’s 2019 conference. These 15 minute sessions took place after the daily workshops ended. The poses were chosen to counteract the effects of sitting and looking down and can be done sitting or standing, to your own ability.

Most of the people who attended had never done yoga before; some wondered how they would remember these movements going forward. So I made this video.

Try one of these poses every 10 minutes – or take a break once an hour and do the entire sequence – your body will thank you for it!

And in the long term, you may find that your overall mood improves, that mysterious pain goes away, and you sleep better.